• Inspired by a desire
    to evolve

  • connecting mind, body and sole

  • Feel your sole



Our Concept

The Steelyz sandal is a new evolution in footwear — a perfect fusion between fashion and function. Our sandal’s footbed is draped in luxuriously soft, premium 304 stainless steel chainmail fabric. You won’t believe how unique and comfortable chainmail fabric feels! The chainmail flows like liquid under every contour of the feet. Our patented design allows the chainmail to “float” independently from the footbed, moving organically and in harmony with the natural movement of your feet, thereby gently massaging your soles while providing airflow beneath your feet. We liken the “feel” to walking barefoot on a soft, sandy beach. When you walk you can feel your sole!

We love chainmail fabric not only for its urban chic styling and its pleasurable sensation, but also for its antibacterial, corrosion, stain and odour resistant properties which helps to maintain a sparkling, great looking footbed. Our midsole is composed of premium quality, custom-moulded polyurethane ergonomically designed for arch support, plantar (sole) surface contours and amazing comfort. Steelyz’ upper is composed of handsome, full grain leather with jersey lined neoprene for added cushion and comfort. The upper is embossed with Steelyz’ “ee” mark in keeping with our commitment to both style and comfort.

Your feet will look terrific in our sandals, and they will feel great too!

Our Commitment

Originating from a creative mind and an innovative objective. Steelyz is committed to delivering the highest quality, aesthetically pleasing, men’s and women’s sandals. The perfect fusion between fashion and function. Steelyz uses the highest quality materials coupled with exceptional manufacturing, emphasizing a clean, safe and ethical work environment.

Our Belief

We believe that creativity is an expression of one’s soul and it’s the engine behind our journey. When creatively engaged you feel a surge of forward motion and a connection of mind, body and soul. It makes time stand still, wakes you in the middle of the night, spawns positivity and makes you feel good. We all have it, what do you choose to do with yours?